Ibrahim AbuAlhaol
Principal Data Scientist @ Huawei Technologies
Adjunct Research Professor @ Carleton University
Ottawa, ON, Canada
H +1 (613) 216-9474
B ibrahimee@ieee.org
Í alhaol.com
Canadian Citizen
Principal Data Scientist
@ Huawei Technologies and
Adjunct Research Professor
@ Carleton University in Ottawa,
Canada. Holds a BSc, an MSc, and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Holds an MEng in Technology
Innovation Management. A senior member of IEEE and Professional Engineer (PEng) in Ontario, Canada. Interests
in machine learning and big-data analytics applications in Cybersecurity and Wireless Communications. Hands-on
experience in machine learning modeling, natural language processing, and real-time analytics. Excellent hands-on
experience in (i) Python programming (Data analysis and mining with pandas, visualization with matplotlib/seaborn,
machine learning with Scikit-learn/Spark-MLlib/TensorFlow, and natural language processing with NLTK/Gensim),
(ii) Databases (SQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra), (iii) Real-time analytics (Spark streaming and Kafka), (iv) DevOps
(Docker on AWS and Azure).
2014–2015 MEng in Technology Innovation Management, Carleton University, Canada, GPA: 11/12.
2005–2008 PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Mississippi, USA, GPA: 4.0/4.0.
2002–2004 MSc in Electrical Engineering, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan, GPA: 84.4/100.
1995–2000 BSc in Electrical Engineering, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan, GPA: 84/100.
2019-Present Principal Data Scientist, Huawei Technologies, Ottawa, Canada.
Project Lead | Team Builder | Neural Networks (DNN,CNN,RNN) | Malware Detection and Classification
2017-Present Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
Graduate Students Supervision| Machine Learning | Big Data Analytics | 5G Wireless Network Personalization
2017-2019 Senior Data Scientist, Larus Technologies, Ottawa, Canada.
Business Intelligence Forecasting | LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks | Natural Language Processing | Multi-
objective Optimization (MOO) | Real-time Big Data Analytics.
2015-2017 CyberSecurity Research Scientist, VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation, Ottawa, Canada.
Collective Intelligence | Machine Learning | Big Data Analytics | BGP Hijacking | DDOS Attacks.
2014-2015 CyberSecurity Researcher, Carleton University and Xahive.com, Ottawa, Canada.
Device-to-Device Wireless Security | Internet-based Communications Privacy | RSA Key Exchange | AES Encryption.
2009-2014 Assistant Professor, Khalifa University of Science & Technology, United Arab Emirates.
Supervising Graduate Students | Probability and Statistics | Wireless Communications | Modulation and Coding.
2008-2009 Wireless System Engineer, Broadcom Corporation, San Diego, USA.
3G/4G System Design | RF Compliance | 3GPP Standards | Bluetooth | WLAN.
2008-2008 System Engineer Intern, Qualcomm Incorporation, San Diego, USA.
4G Wireless Network 3GPP Standards | Analysis | Simulation | WiMAX | LTE.
2005-2008 PhD Student/Research Assistant, University of Mississippi, Oxford, USA.
Cooperative (UAV) Networks | MIMO/OFDM Systems | Formulation | Optimization | Modeling | Simulation.
Publications ( http://bit.ly/ibrahimscholar )
4 Book chapters | 10 Journals | 4 Patent | 39 Conferences | 367 Google Scholar citations.